Monday, August 28, 2006

Happy campers!

Photo: The Drax Climate Change protestors HQ.

Drax Protest update.

From the organisers;

'This is an amazing opportunity to actually start making the changes we need to make. No more hot air from politicians and "business solutions" but really doing it now.

LIMITED parking is available near the site but will be prioritised to those that need it. Other wise people will have to "drop and go" and park in Selby (ask on site for parking).'

OK. So, 'really doing it now'.....hang on a minute, did they say parking?! Do they mean cars!! But isn't this about a protest against climate change and don't cars contribute to this......... . Damn, those protesters have just shot themselves in the foot and just when I was thinking they might at least be adding a bit of spice to the energy debate. Oh well. :-(


At 10:20 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it not the usual problem with environmentilist and also the rest of us...
We want big changes but are not willing to change our lifestyle or habits as we still see it as an issue that the government and other multi international firms should be dealing with. After all we are just a 'little' CO2 and will not make that much of a difference!!

I'm just as guilty, why should I change when x & y are not bothering.

How many gas camp fires are on site?? Are they wood?? Anyone join in and could cast some insight?


At 5:09 pm, Blogger Nick said...

The Drax protestors are the scum of the Earth. I've seen Drax many times. It is a beautiful piece of industrial architecture. It is also private property, so the greenie-weenies ought to feck off. Moveover as it generates a very large proportion of our 'trictiy it is also a vital UK strategic resource. Dave Cameron and Jonathan Porritt (both of whom ought to be organically radished)might be happy with bloody windmills but I prefer 'tricity that actually works 24-7.

These neo-luddites ought to get what they really want. Stick 'em in mud huts.


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