Sunday, August 13, 2006

Our 'T-shirt' TOP 10 ways to Save The World.

1. Walk, cycle, use public transport & lastly, carpool

2. Reduce, reuse, recycle

3. Reduce useage of lights, heating & gadgets

4. Buy Fairtrade & Organic

5. Buy energy efficient products

6. Protect woodlands & green spaces

7. Reduce useage of fossil fuels

8. Conserve water

9. Use more renewables

10. Buy local, reducing product miles

Our blog started off a debate recently in another posting that looked at condensing ways individuals could lessen their impact upon our environment down to a 'TOP 10'. Little did we know that this idea and it's ensuing debate would spread around the world! Some have felt that our TOP 10 was too top heavy on consumer related points. Unfortunately that's what humans do most of the time; consume goods and services. This is therefore the impact(s) that need urgent attention and to ignore this fact is simply pulling the wool over ones eyes and hoping for the best. We have kept the wording in our TOP 10 brief as eventually it will make its way onto T-shirts so as to spread the good word (as the pilgrims used to say!!).


At 8:17 am, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent idea!

At 10:31 pm, Blogger Nik said...

Yes, human's No. 1 do seem to consume a lot! Some things are necessity but some less so. I'm currently studying with the OU and am writing up a project on the proposed energy from waste (incinerator) at Capel in Surrey. Speaking with 30+ local folk, par about 3 people, are against an incinerator until we have exhausted all recycling possibilities. They're all generally very conscious of their consumption and recycle as much as possible. A strong feeling manufacturers need to take responsibility for their packaging (prevention), but humans certainly need to remain mindful on how much they consume. Reclaim, Reuse and Recycle - yes, spread the word!!

At 8:33 am, Blogger Matt Burge said...

Hello Nik

Good luck with your incinerator project. No, no-one wants them but, as you say everyone consumes and with that comes the waste we generate. It's gotta go somewhere. Unfortunately recycling systems already in place can't seem to cope with the variety & amounts of waste we produce. Not only that but, whole networks of corruption have sprung up to make money out of avoiding the increasingly expensive government waste controls. So, incineration has to be a serious part of the equation to reduce landfill as an option and while we wait for recycling systems to become more sophisticated.

At 8:00 pm, Blogger Daniel said...

I think 7) reduce usage of fossil fuels ought to be higher on the list.

When are we gonna be able to buy top 10 t-shirts? (I assume they will be organic?)


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