Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Drax Effect.


Drax Power Station is coal fired and said to supply approximately 7% of the UK's energy needs. The protesters want it closed down because it is a major contributor to climate change. This station was in administration 3 years ago but refinancing and listing on the London Stock Exchange has helped to turn the station around. More info from the company at; .

Here's some information from the site 'Rising Tide' with a quote from one of the protest organisers;

The camp will be held from 26th August - 4th September. Powered by alternative energy, the camp will demonstrate practical solutions inaction. The camp will offer information, education and space for debate on the science and politics of tackling climate change. There will bepractical skills to learn, from ideas for sustainable living to strategiesfor taking action.
Activist Zoe Armstrong said: "Climate change casts a huge shadow over oursociety. Governments and corporations cannot solve this problem for us,it’s up to us to act now. The Camp for Climate Action will be a key momentin kick-starting the radical action that is needed to tackle climatechange."

These two parties are obviously poles apart. The Drax Power Station must adhere to stricter carbon emission criteria via EU legislation. This is not good enough for the protesters who want to see it completely closed down. The protestors believe the answer lies in less power consumption and 'greener' energy options. Interestingly the Drax Power Station has begun to feed biomass into one of its power units and plans to increase this part of their operation.

Once again we have two parties facing each other across a fence who come from completely different positions. One looks to educate on climate change by camping outside a carbon emitter and the other looks to turn around a major UK power station so that it continues to supply a major part of UK power needs, meets stricter environmental controls and provides a return for investors. The energy debate continues and one thing is for won't go away.


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