Monday, May 15, 2006

Nuclear or renewables........a local example.

An interesting live example of a battle between local residents, who are against a wind farm being planned for their quiet rural area and national energy policy, which is looking to increase renewables within the UK as part of carbon emissions reduction targets. The residents' website is here . Please note that more information is available from their 'old' website link at the bottom of their new webpage, which is currently being added to.

For the view from the company proposing the development see; . The debate is real and current. The area is amazingly quiet and the little church within the area very important. These are only too points of course. Residents have been happy it would seem to have had the Bradwell nuclear power station in their midst (now closed).


At 2:31 pm, Blogger Pete Smith said...

Interesting choice of picture; I would guess this is an artist's impression from the company proposing the project. They've tried to maximise the aesthetic appeal by lining up the turbine blades so that they're all neat and tidy, but anyone who's ever seen a real wind farm knows this never happens. Every turbine revolves at different speeds, creating a visual shambles. The illustration shoots itself in the foot, as it actually makes the project seem much bigger than a simple sum of its components. The impression is of a solid structure 50+ metres high and at least the same across; how does that compare with your average nuke plant? The whole thing is completely out of scale and character with the British landscape, and I hate it. Power to the protesters!

At 5:02 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The mockup is from the protesters website. Having visited there I can see their point regarding the scale of the project and it's visual 'alien' impact on the rural landscape. The sound intrusion aspect interests me as I've not heard a windfarm operating before. Maybe we should visit a wind farm. The area is beautifully quiet....just the sound of the birds! I do think wind turbines should be kept out in the sea on the whole. More wind out there anyway.

At 4:54 pm, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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