Monday, April 17, 2006

All for a stag

For all those 1000s of devoted fans of our e-blog you will be fascinated to learn that our group is about to tear itself away from its PCs to get real and dirty. For a day we will migrate to the woods of Chislehurst in south London to carry out conservation work for Britain's fiercest species..........the Stag beetle. More courageous than a humvee, stronger than a sumo wrestler the stag beetle is The UKs last line of defence against enemy invasion. A worthy cause I'm sure you will agree. We will keep you informed as always.


At 3:34 pm, Blogger Matt Burge said...

For our devoted fans across the world, our ugly mugs are now available via flickr and proof that we do get out to practice some of what we preach! New homes for the 'humvee' stag beetle have now been created.


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