Tuesday, November 07, 2006

The 10 Most Polluted Places on the Planet

The Blacksmith Institute has published a report listing the world's ten most polluted places for 2006. And the winners are:

  1. Chernobyl, Ukraine
  2. Dzerzhinsk, Russia
  3. Haina, Dominican Republic
  4. Kabwe, Zambia
  5. La Oroya, Peru
  6. Linfen, China
  7. Maiuu Suu, Kyrgyzstan
  8. Norilsk, Russia
  9. Ranipet, India
  10. Rudnaya Pristan/Dalnegorsk, Russia
I feel another t-shirt design coming on.

For information about the Blacksmith Institute and its anti-pollution work, click here.
For the full report, click here.


At 7:51 pm, Blogger Matt Burge said...


And here's just one example from there report;


Potentially affected people: 150,000

Type of pollutants: Heavy metals and chemicals

Site description: Ankleshwar Industrial Estate (AIE), established by the Gujarat Industrial Development Corporation, is the biggest industrial township in Asia covering 16 km2 and housing nearly 1600 units in different sectors, including 400 chemical units. These chemical plants produce insecticides, specialty chemicals, paint, solvents, acids, and fuels to manufacture more than 25% of Gujarat's output of pharmaceuticals, chemicals, pesticides, dyes, and intermediaries. If the share of pollution is proportionate, AIE may be producing 5% of India's total chemical pollution in just 16 km2. The plants in Ankleshwar process large quantities of basic chemicals,. AIE has estimated that its members generate between 250 million and 270 million liters of liquid waste per day (MLD), and roughly 50,000 tons of solid waste annually (TPA).

A preliminary investigation in communities living around Ankleshwar in 1998 had found over 65 polluted groundwater sources. During an investigation around the Ankleshwar industrial estate in December 2000, over 120 polluted ground water sources affecting a population of over 100,000 in about 50 communities were found. Many communities often had to use polluted water since no reasonable alternative source existed or it was too far.'

Just one industrial estate on planet earth spewing out so much poison.

At 11:11 pm, Blogger Keith Scott said...

Nowhere in the West then - no great surprise there since we can ay other countries to do our dirty work. I am surprised Bhopal doesn't make it though. Russia with three places has a rather unenviable record and with another two from other parts of the old Soviet Union accounts for half the places.

At 11:18 am, Blogger Matt Burge said...

They haven't included the sea in their analysis. I read in the IHT this week of a study that for the first time has comprehensively covered all the seas and found, (surprise, surprise) that they are in a bloody mess, with fish stocks alarmingly low for many species. Apart from over-fishing there is the problem of pollution and climate change (increasing water temps). Such joy.


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